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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Got Paranormal? A true guerilla adventure..

So, if you've been reading this blog you know that it's predominately about me making my first feature, Lost In Sunshine, and any helpful advice/links/names I can provide YOU with to save you time, money and sanity (every bit counts in the indie world!). But I must mention another collaborative project I'm working on with the Aether Paranormal team. We just released our new documentary online, Ghosts of Goliad, which we filmed at the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, TX. Wow. What an interesting place....

The team consists of myself, Shad Chancey (my husband), Carly Bell, Beaux Jackson and Matt Williamson. Our newest (and last) addition is Chad (AKA: Doug) Richardson, whom we'll introduce before our next film. We're an artful group of young professionals with one common goal here - to catch proof that paranormal life exists. That means something different to all of us.

You can view our entire documentary online FREE at our website (click on link above). The link is: or you can YOUTUBE it and watch the TRAILER. So far, we've had an overwhelmingly supportive audience. Thank you!!

And to let you beautiful film people know what can be done: we used three different types of cameras on this shoot: canon XL1, HD panasonic SD1, and a cheaper night vision camera. We filmed over the course of a weekend, and did everything pretty much guerrilla style, with the exception of some very slightly premeditated introduction scenes. We didn't have the luxury of going there before we shot, so what you see - is what we had time to get! Thankfully, we stayed on top of our game, never veered from our goal, and got some pretty cool footage to work with (remember, it has to be cohesive... oh, yeah, right). :) We purchased a package of equipment to aid us in our investigation, and scheduled a meeting with a local historian and paranormal investigator, Bill Corey, before arriving to the fortress.

Although the next adventure will be more organized, and better planned, our improvisational, visual approach created a solid documentary with a more cinematic feel, unlike anything else out there. Tracie Austin from Let's Talk Paranormal (radio/TV show) called it, "raw and archaic." I say, think Blair Witch meets Ghost Hunters. :) The rest is organic, movie making history!

Let's talk paranormal:

Right now, we're in the midst of starting up our next investigation at a supposedly haunted hot spot right here in Austin, which we hope to film on FRIDAY, FEB. 13th (scary!!). Keep en eye out at our website for our next round table discussion about it.

If you're interested in our PARANORMAL BLOG go here:

Just like a feature, you have to work your butt off to make these things happen. And that requires a good, solid team you trust and a few lucky stars. For me, movie magic happens when a collaborative group of professionals all throw their speciality skills in one pot, leave whatever egos at the door, and focus on one common goal. All of my projects are interconnected to what I adore in some way, shape or form, or there would be no motivation for me to do them.

For me, Aether Paranormal is fun, exciting, and adventurous. It's also an opportunity to share the adventure with YOU. We hope you enjoy the experience!

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