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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this and that - movies

Have you been feeling rejected lately? Not getting into those festivals you had your heart set on? Well.....I've posted a message above written by one of my favorite filmmakers, Kat Candler.   :) Read it, and get on with your day!!

So I finally watched Pineapple Express last night. I think they meant to say Pineapple A Mess. Let me preface this by saying that I really wanted to like this movie. There were funny moments, and I think these actors are supreme. But after about 15 minutes I felt like I had maybe smoked it and didn't know it. What could have been a comedic hit had me thinking about its ridiculousness the whole time. And not in a Dumb and Dumber kind of way, but in an upside down fruitcake kind of way. A never ending train wreck. The worst part was, we turned it off when it probably had 15 min. to go. From a 'writer's standpoint,' I thought they were asking the audience to believe TOO much, even when I knew it was supposed to be stupid/funny. But when my non-critical of stoner movies, husband was in charge of the remote and HE turned it OFF - I knew it was bad. However, NOTE: this is the reward you get when you're in the production circle of successfully making big dollars for big dogs. You can make anything you want (i.e. all the Will Ferrell movies!!!).

But 25 Mill to make poop, y'all? C'mon, Execs, I'll throw in the poop free - all I need is a million. :)

Moving on, moving on... I forgot how good Brokeback Mountain was. I saw the last half of it on HBO again late last night and it almost made me cry. If you haven't seen that one, YOU SHOULD. The acting is so raw, real, and intense from every angle (no pun intended). A true masterpiece. 

On a different note, I found a screenwriting competition in my screenwriters magazine hosted by Justin Sheehy at Paramount. It's designated for subscribers ONLY, but if you have a magazine you should check it out & apply! I entered a more commercial feature I wrote, Stars Over Alanis (like falling's lessons are rarely planned). It's a romantic comedy about an unlikely couple that falls in love via the internet. :)

All for now. Keep writing, making films, or whatever it is that you brilliant people do with your beautiful days!

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