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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Movie talk

Here are my 3 Feb. movie reviews.

Revolutionary Road.     Vicky Cristina Barcelona.       Boys Don't Cry.

1) Revolutionary Road: So many things about this 50s-set marital drama were grand. The way the writer chose to throw them into an argument and let us see all their vulnerabilities up front was  clever.  I loved the way they focused on empathy from both characters fairly evenly, and allowed us to make the decision of who we would route for. I felt that there was a profound honesty in the dialog, and in this intimate suburban experience. The wardrobe, hair, makeup - insanely perfect, as were the performances. If you're looking for action - this is not the movie for you. It's character-driven and raw. Heartfelt and dramatic. A little too real, if you're looking to escape reality.  A

2) Vicky Cristina Barcelona: The lovely Woody. He does it again. A marvelously delicious cast for a mouth watering piece. Let's just say the actors/actresses are easy on the eyes, and so are the aesthetics of the film. Moving on- the story was perfect - funny, compelling, contemporary, and romantic. I could have personally done without the voice overs (because it was so good!!) but that's just me.  Who am I to mess with WA? There's something universal about this film that almost everyone can relate to. Whether its the moments of indecision, cultural differences, or romance. If you were watching, you were there.  A

Boys Don't Cry (my older pick): This controversial film about sexual identity (partially based on a true story) was quite possibly the best movie of its time and genre. The richly dense tone,  heart breaking topic, supreme acting, superbly mad writing skills, and surpassing over all quality made this film one to be noticed. Need I say more? Hilary and Chloe - a match made in casting heaven. If you haven't seen this, you're missing out. A++++++

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