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Saturday, March 21, 2009

So many hours, so little time.

Why are there so many hours, yet so little time? Why does production life have its own set of rules that consist of anything that looks like it should take an hour to do, generally taking three months?

Work is my romantic interlude these days. Too bad it can't massage my back, or replace the eyeballs it's damaging from staring at an electronic screen for endless hours. So why do I do it? One - I'm crazy. Two - I love it. Which proves the point that - I am indeed crazy.

Right now I've got a bucket of projects going on, in addition to making my first feature, Lost In Sunshine ( But LIS is always priority! Gotta have 'em.

I'm currently working on the 3rd final draft (not version!). A few things we're doing:
1) reordering some of the beginning action lines of description so that it moves into the action of characters quicker - creating less chance of reader feeling bogged down with details that I can easily draw into my storyboard (since I'll be directing!)
2) creating more appealing/revealing intros for my main two characters to step into from the go.
3) creating a more definitive/memorable world of intention.
i.e. we want people to say, "you know the movie where so and so does THIS!"

Moving on, I've been working with a friend in LA on a pilot episode idea. We've realized that to find the gold we must throw out all the trash. We've been relentlessly tossing ideas into the open and hashing away. We have a few really good ideas, but it's finding the perfect storm of one we've been waiting for. We might have it. Right now, I'm working on character development for a certain agreed upon idea, and creating a little teaser (5-10) minutes for us to entertain future thoughts. Since I'm a feature writer, I've been studying writing for TV in any spare time I can find. Reading TV pilots has been my biggest teacher so far.

And the song, "You were always on my mind" has never felt more relevant pertaining to my next project - Aether Paranormal. I've been co-producing these videos with a group of good friends, whom all share a passion for the paranormal. This has truly been a magical team, let me tell you. After doing our first full investigation in Goliad and streaming it on our interactive website (designed by my husband, Shad - or click on link above), we had an overwhelming response. We're currently in an agreement with a production company in CA, who's pitching our show to networks. This situation is the epitome of what I consider to be a perfect example of being READY for opportunities that arise. I've always been an advocate of working from the heart rather than just for the money... and boof (I just love that stupid word), the money will always follow. :)

Short film update: Only A Kiss is still in post production. Michelle referred me to to a cool guy in Austin, Brett who's doing audio engineering for me. Once my editor was done, I realized that there was still something about the footage that was 'missing.' It felt like there was no punch at the end... and since I can't afford a re-shoot, don't have the equipment or time to learn how to do it myself, especially before the debuting of it at our next art show, April 18th - I must improvise. After a brain storming session with Shad and our good friend, Beaux, I decided to take a series of still frames to interject into the final scene, creating a 'twist' to the story. Damn those boys are good at creating dramatic effect! Lesson here: if you're stuck, brain dump with creative peeps that care and want to help... there's often an easy solution buried underneath all your emotional connection... but it's so small you over look it!

In addition to chasing ghosts, writing and making films, I still have my freelance makeup work... and my beautiful relationships and animals to tend to... so many hours, so little time! Now get back to work!

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