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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't EVER take yourself TOO seriously.

I feel compelled to tell this funny story (or at least I think it's funny) because I think there's a lesson in here... somewhere.... :)

My husband and I went to BJ's about a week ago. It's a newer restaurant/bar in Austin where they brew their own beer. For those who know me, I rarely drink, but my husband is a 'beer lover/brewer' so I decided to be a 'cool wife' and go with him.  

One of the reasons we chose this place is because our very good friend from Dallas just moved here to be the GM for them. OK,  that's the first time I've equated beer drinking with moral support. Can you tell the story's going down hill?

So we've been there a good while... only a couple mini burgers left on Shad's plate... and a couple avocado rolls on mine... when, as if in slow motion... 2 glasses of beer come flying onto our table... CRASH, BRAKE... and BEER all over me! My behind was soaked. Shad didn't get as much on him as I did... I felt like a wet dog. Rough. Rough. ;) But ya know what, I had to laugh for a minute, once I realized no one was hurt... who really cares... I've been through A LOT worse in my life to get the least bit upset about a little beer butt. I felt more sorry for the guy who spilt it.. I didn't want him to 'get in trouble.' :)

So there I am with beer butt, waiting for our free bill (so we could leave a tip) and I had to pee like there's no tomorrow. I kept saying, "I have to pee so bad, but I don't want to get whole butt is wet and I'm embarrassed!" After the 3rd time or so, my husband said, "so what.. just get up and go... you're a DIRECTOR! I think you handle it.." (This was his attempt at a confidence 'booster' in case you didn't know... and for a moment - it worked!). I smiled and said, "'re right... if I can direct a film, I can get up and go to the restroom with a wet butt!!"

So I did. A tall, nice guy even opened the door for me to walk in the waiting area before the RR. And for a split second, I was relieved.  Finally - a toilet! Until... I get in the restroom and glance in the mirror... low and behold... my damn underwear are sticking up - outside of my pants!!! Wet butt AND full back gray undie show!! OH NO!!! 

Lessons here:

1) Don't ever wear full backs and think no one will ever know.
2) Don't ever take yourself too seriously. You could have underwear hangin' out your pants! :)

Peace. Jentri

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