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Monday, May 11, 2009

YOU can do it too.

Read this article from IndieWire today, because I feel particularly & magnetically drawn to strong female directors (perhaps because there aren't enough!). It immediately made me smile. Just another example of someone not going against the grain from that which they know to be true. If YOU want to do it YOU can. 

Throw out the excuses. Start watching director's commentary when you rent your favorite movies. Make efforts to connect with other people who share in the passion of filmmaking. Spend $25 a year and get a Filmmaker, Creative Screenwriting, or Movie Maker subscription. Can't afford it?  Then read the filmmaker magazine blog online for FREE at your local library or friend's house! Read indieWire articles. Immerse yourself into that which you want to exist. Buy cheap books on & educate yourself if you can't afford film school, then get a job being a PA on someone's film.  You can find jobs at the Texas Film commission online, or even Craigslist these days! Talk to people - everybody loves to tell you how they did it. Show enthusiasm for your craft and theirs. Work your way from the ground up. There's only one way to go from there. 

Bottom line, there are no excuses except for the ones you create.  So believe in yourself. If you don't - no one else will. 

After all, what would the world be like if David Gilmour had said, "fuck it, this is too much... I'll never make it..."  OR George Lucas had said, "Maybe some people are right, this Star Wars thing is stupid... I'll just do something else..."

Think about it.


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  1. Thanks for the mention. If your readers want to get a MovieMaker subscription for $6, have them log onto

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