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Monday, June 1, 2009

Jentri's film updates

It's been a long time coming, but short comedy - DropIt! is now online for you to watch (click on link above).

After producing 40 Going On 20 (wellness/fitness video) in 2006, this was my first mini DV short film that I wrote-directed in 2007. The story originated when a friend & film peer of mine (the co-producer, Jeff Jones) told me about a short he'd always wanted to do - the premise - a guy has to go #2 really bad but he doesn't want to do it in the stall at 'said location' because the gap in the door is so large that the entire world can see in! I thought the idea was funny, but I was sure there was a lot of 'potty humor' out there and wanted to make sure this would be different, yet relatable if we did it! I had the idea about incorporating some of "The Secret" mentality into it, and from there - it left the building! 

We shot it over the course of 3 days, utilizing 3 Austin locations (my home, an office building & the UT bathroom), with a friendly group of crew and insanely talented bunch of actors. Like the humor or hate it, we had so much fun making it! 

My second HD short film, Only A Kiss (I wrote-produced-directed end of 2008) starring the wonderfully talented Michael Lange and Lynn Burnor, debuted at The Aether Project art show ( in April 2009. The Premise - guy's caught cheating with his wife's step sister.  I'll most likely release it on one of our websites towards the end of this year, too.

On a side note: OAK's, Michael Lange is currently working on Spider Babies, a feature film by Austin's writer-director, Christopher Sharpe:
From the pictures, it looks like a fun film... and what a great website where you can follow the production too! Good luck, Michael!!

And last, but not least - If you follow my work at all, you probably know that I'm part of a collaborative group of investigators/filmmakers (Paranormal Productions) who produce paranormal documentaries - Aether Paranormal. Over the last year, we've produced 2 feature documentaries, as well as a short on the Federation of Light, which can all be viewed for FREE on our website: We are currently in post production on our latest documentary that we filmed in April 2009, and busy planning our next investigations. 

Meanwhile, back at the LIS ranch, (visit: to see a list of our crew so far!) we're getting closer...  most of our dept. heads are already in place, lead female - still affirmative, best entertainment lawyer in the world on board, and business plan being sculpted to perfection... just about a week out from opening up our offering for Lost In Sunshine and I couldn't be more EXCITED!! 

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day!

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