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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good indies know the rules, then break them.

I woke up this morning thinking about stories, like most of us screenwriters do! :) I was thinking of the similarities of indies, over the last year especially - ones I've heard of currently in production, and ones just now coming out....

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  1. Lots of good points in here.

    There have only been a few movies really ABOUT road trips, and some movies just use traveling as a plot device, but rarely is the physical trip the actual focus, so I have no qualms with the idea of a "road trip" movie. To be honest, I don't believe they actually exist as a genre, not like Horror is a distinct genre, or Action.

    As for everything has already been done; yeah, it has, but not the same way. If we're self aware enough to look for these things in our own works, and you clearly are, then we can avoid the labels we don't want on our projects. No matter what happens, someone will always see one film and describe it as "well, its kind of like that film..." That's just how people are. And when it comes to Indies, we have a smaller audience to navigate.

    Good read!

  2. I agree, Raz - completely - a DEVICE! It is OUR job to know what's out there & make sure we 'do it differently'!! I'm so glad you pointed that out. VERY IMPORTANT! :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks for continuing to write good stuff!