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Monday, September 14, 2009

Practice Knowing Yourself

I'm not an exercise and I don't technique. For some reason, a lot of the 'writing classes' out there don't work that great for me. I like to engage in them occasionally to find out what they're about, but I seem to work better in one on one scenarios (i.e. working with a screen play consultant where the feedback is thoughtful and constructive). I also work better (writing wise) when I'm alone. I can't have 'brain stormers' in my ear, filling up the empty space that I need to shape my own thoughts. That has to be done separately. Experiences that get me to my 'alone' place can (and should!) be filled with everyone and everything colorful, but when it comes to putting my thoughts down in a cohesive fashion - give me a computer, and give me my space.

I only tell you this because I think it's important as artists that we know how we operate best and honor that. Everyone works differently. If you're like a lot of writers I know, you may be a sensitive creature that needs huge chunks of 'alone time' or 'in the middle of a crowded room alone time' to function in any productive manner - to eradicate what sometimes feels like the ineradicable. To go to a place where there's no one to explain anything to, except to that big bowl of a brain you've been swimming in. Our minds need to be able to filter out garbage, reorganize dialog, search/explore new ways to make it better, while trying to arrange the balance of that perfect story we've been marinating on for months... even years.

Know yourself. Respect yourself. Trust yourself. Breathe. Let all the other bullshit go, while you discover greatness.

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