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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Storyboarding, Love, & the Aether

I don't like the "s" word, so I'll just say I've been 'under the weather' this week. :) I'm still not up to full speed, but nothing gets me out of bed and on my feet faster than thinking about  Lost In Sunshine

After a couple of hours of storyboarding with Ia and Iskra this AM, we began to find our rhythm - our cadence. It was a miraculous experience for me - so wonderful.  What began as a bothersome, anxiously awaited activity, turned into a beautiful, magical process. What can I say... "they complete me!" Ok, that was cornsville, but I do LOVE my gals. They f'ing ROCK!!!

Before we began the process, I conveyed my thoughts to Iskra (DP) of illustrating the character's POV's through the lenses, what that meant technically, and how that would change through the course of the film. How would their worlds be reflected through this method? It was lovely to be able to implement those techniques visually on paper - a great lesson for me with angles, composition, thoughts of lighting - yet another way to TELL the story - emphasize the details of that which you want to enhance or negate. Thanks, ladies!!

Then Iskra and I started chatting about the tone of the film, saturation levels, aspect ratios (what's that? ha. no really...235?) and what camera might best suit our needs. Lately, RED has been all the talk. Now we're throwing 35mm into the bowl of possibilities. So many things are still TBD, but that's the value of early prep-work - there's time to entertain ideas, move, weave, & make the best decision possible for your film!  

We were talking cranes, dollies and steadicams, too. Our film will hold a certain fluidness - little to no hand held action. Then Iskra reminds me that we must not forget stillness. Oh yes, it has a place too.  And thank goodness Ia can draw it. I'm afraid I'll need to reference that later. ;)

Still trying to figure out if we will shoot one or two days in "Sunshine" this Dec. If only one, then we're contemplating shooting "POV driving shots" to capture the essence of fall, if possible. After all, we have found Lyn's car (main character) that we have access to, and I'm VERY excited. This little beauty is a character all on its own. Perfectly imperfect. MUAH.

And with all the great LIS stuff circulating around me, I find even more excitement in the air with the Aether Paranormal documentaries I've been producing with Paranormal Productions. Things are looking unusually optimistic for some network action, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Things move fast in LA. That's why we reside here. We like to sleep in and stay up late! 

So after a GREAT session with the ladies, and a long, productive phone meeting this afternoon with my kick ass producer, Lorie, followed by some much needed good news regarding the Aether team, I feel elated... yet still under the weather.  What can I say... It's hard to be down with so many loving, uplifting things going on! 

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful weekend!

ps. LIS official website launch still on for end of October - yeah! 

Love, Jentri


  1. Awesome. Inspiring. Motivating.

  2. Thank you! Words of encouragement inspire & motivate me in return!