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Monday, February 8, 2010

The business of being Crazy

You have to re-write a treatment, clean the dog hair from under your feet, stretch your lower back, make a new blaze reel for a pitch meeting this Friday, mail a hard copy to LA before Friday, reach out to people under tight deadlines, call people more than you'd prefer, make coffee and time to acknowledge your significant other(s), eat whatever you can find, make your way to the bank at some point so your automatic debits don't bounce, while planning for the biggest event of your life. Yeah. We all do it. And more often than not, it happens all at once.

So how do us film people manage our time? How do we keep from losing our minds and going crazy? I'm asking you, because today I'm not sure...

My mind keeps racing with all the little things that have to be done by 'said date' and the anxiety wants to dominate. I try to talk back to the anxiety, "Go away... come again some other day... I don't have time to deal with you right now, stupid thoughts." But I'm afraid the universe doesn't work on my clock.

The best I can do when everything happens all at once, is to write this blog. It allows me to vent.. take a step away.. out from underneath my chatty brain... to stop taking compulsive baths to try to relax, and let my lungs rest from all the massive amounts of sage smoke that fog up my living room.

More importantly, I think we have to breathe. Breathing gets lost, and shortened, with every ramped thought that races through our ambitious brains.

I have to keep telling myself that it's OK, because well... it is. There's worse scenarios to be in... and while that doesn't seem to completely help release my anxiety.. it's nice to know that it will pass too... it's either that or you'll be watching me from an insane asylum instead.


But if I don't admit how crazy I feel sometimes, maybe other people will think they're going crazy, too. My best friend always says that the number 1 rule to knowing you're not really going crazy is by the acknowledgement of it.

So, let all of us passionate film people co-exist with the crazy business and business of being crazy - all at once.. be happy we're making movies, be happy we have the opportunity to artistically express ourselves in a challenging field that not everyone will have the chance to do.. that has the potential to inspire masses.


See... I feel better already.

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