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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dating motels

Today, I did a little 'motel' scouting in Dripping Springs for LIS. Met with a lovely lady that Lorie introduced me to, Laurie, who's going to be my DS connection, too. So excited about that!

After many scouting trips with my gals, Ia and Iskra, this is a motel in Austin we're deeply contemplating. Question is, can my art goddess, Ia (I know she can) transform this place to match my vision, and under our budgetary restrictions? We shall see.. tomorrow.. as we venture over together.

I feel like I've been dating motels over the last several months. I found this little gem several months ago, but I was holding off..waiting on something 'better' to come along.. now I'm thinking this is the 'better' I've been looking for.

If Ia can work her magic, Iskra agrees, and they're 'film friendly' (have an idea they will be) and available for us, then this could be an option.

Ia presented me with another list of motels to check out tonight (thank you, Ia!) but I'm crossing my fingers that this one works out.. for something. ;)

Have a happy HUMPday, folks.

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