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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pieces of the puzzle: An intimate look into Lyn’s subconscious.

When working on character development (mostly done while writing the actual script), I sporadically craft bits and pieces of their past or subconscious that allow me to put the pieces of the puzzle together more concisely. For me, the work is continuous, and necessary, much like in our human lives. It helps me to answer questions, work more profoundly, and stay on track. As many artists know, it's way too easy to be scattered and go off point. Here's a little something I just wrote about my main character in Lost In Sunshine, Lyn Blue. While it's nowhere near a complete analysis of her character, it's a small window, helping me better define and clarify her choice of direction.

Characters mean nothing, unless you're willing to do the work.

LYN BLUE (main female in LIS)
Lyn’s disconnected. If she deals with what’s at hand, she’ll fall apart. She feels that if her chocolate mochas make her feel better, why not drink them? But the caffeine makes her anxious. Her doctor tells her that if she stops having caffeine, her anxiety will dissipate. But she can’t escape the vicious cycle. Her ‘little girl's’ mind thinks she’ll be destroyed if she lets go… she has to protect herself. She doesn’t understand that she’ll never be that small again, and that she’s old enough to take care of herself now.

She dodges her father. Although they’ve never had a real blow out, she feels guilt. She thinks that she’s the reason for her mother's poor choices. And she’s been looking for a male figure to “make it all better" ever since.

Her insecurity, and disrespect for herself is the reason she lashes out. She’s honest, but at other people’s expense. She speaks other people’s truth(s), but ironically, not her own.

She believes that love has abandoned her. And this has created a depressing view on life.

When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t think she deserves to live past thirty. But, her own self-loathing will not lead to change, and she's pretty aware of that.

So she fantasizes. She dreams... of living any life but her own... of being any place, but there.

Will the unexpected surprises in Sunshine take her to the crossroads of destiny that lead her to look at herself and surroundings with new eyes, or cripple her even more?

She doesn't know, but she wants to find out.

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