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Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcoming LIS' Executive Producer, Cynthia Litman!

My heart is over-joyed to welcome the lovely, Cynthia Litman, to our Lost In Sunshine team as an executive producer!

Cynthia Litman is a Co-founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, blogger at and an entertainment lawyer with a niche in spiritual entertainment and social enterprises. You can hear a great interview with her here. :)

Lorie and I both felt a strong connection to Cynthia, after hearing her kind, insightful, enthusiastic response to our script and passion regarding spiritual cinema.

Real quick (for my filmmakers): I think it's important for me to emphasize how key it is for expectations to be communicated honestly and frankly during any negotiations. If you don't know what it means for someone to come on board and take on the responsibility for a certain role - then ask. That way, both parties understand what's expected and can deliver results without disappointment. Most of us understand that there are no guarantees in this biz full of risks and fickle audiences, but it's important to understand each other's intentions, and motivations. That way, we can support each other through any obstacles, adversities, hardships, or less than desirable circumstances (you get my drift - we need each other!). Then, we can jump up and down with each other and scream our heads off like maniacs when something great has happened that we've worked our butts off for, and collectively accomplished! :)

Being an executive producer can mean different things to different people/productions, so here's what Cynthia will be doing for/with us as an executive producer. I'd like to say that one more time - EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. Who am I? :)

Cynthia will look at our landscape, and be involved as much as possible (i.e. creativity-wise, reaching out to prospective investors, distribution, (secondary) legal council when necessary, and website strategies. She will focus on organizations that speak our language, and help create awareness of our project's needs as we move along. She will aid us in focusing in on and reaching out to our direct audience, which she has specific experience with.

The role will shift and shape into different forms once we get rolling, of course, but this is what's important today. We still need (more) money to get this movie made. And we're ALL working hard (exploring different avenues) to get it. :)

We understand our exchange, incentives, and growth expectancies (without certainty). But one thing is for certain - we always dream big.

Huge thanks to my wonderful producer, Lorie, for making this invaluable connection, that I think will blossom into a beautiful friendship as well. We are blessed, and most appreciative to have Cynthia join us on this truly unpredictable, fascinating, and enlightening journey.

As our male lead (Bob), Ross Partridge, said to me last week - it takes a village!!

Dare to dream (BIG!!).

Love, Jentri


  1. Lovely post Jentri! I am most honored to be working with you and Lorie so LOST IN SUNSHINE is made & FOUND by its people!! :) ~ Cynthia

  2. So excited about our adventure! :)