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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's up with Lost In Sunshine? We're getting there...

Howdy folks,

I'm really excited that we're getting our car painted for LIS this week! Well, it's not exactly ours... but it'll be Lyn's car in Lost In Sunshine. Our lovely art director, Ia, is allowing us to use her jeep in our film, so our payment is a new (blue) paint job... pics coming soon, yippee!

Meanwhile, we're awaiting response from a really special actress on her thoughts regarding the script.... more of this when there's more to share!

Lorie and I have been exploring the world of spiritual cinema and how that applies to our film for quite some time now. We believe that our film's theme speaks perfectly to those who are drawn to material with an over-all positive message. It doesn't mean it's not dark and twisty, has a perfect ending, or it's not complicated and difficult to get there - but it's got purpose. Not a forced or preachy trajectory, but it's got a clear direction. Yep, that's us! :) So, Lorie's communicating with someone in this circle to figure out how a particular alliance may be able to work with us to expand upon our audience/PR/possible financing/contacts, etc.

We've also been tossing around more alternative polishes of the script, based on some feedback via our new Bob, Ross Partridge. There's always been a small handful of specific moments/details I hope to elaborate on/enhance/dial into and sell, via actor performance. It's only the Very beginning of what I hope/feel is a really powerful experience, working on this story with the right, passionate individuals who help strengthen LIS' messages, characters, and offer variations to the color wheel, with their unique talents. People who will challenge me as a filmmaker, and make me a better artist. That's what I'm most excited about.

Thanks for joining me here each week.

slowly but surely, we're getting there...

photo by Goat45 Design

ps. New Sunny Side Up episode coming sooooooooooooon!

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