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Monday, August 2, 2010

New Aether Paranormal documentary in the making!

This past weekend, Shad and I made our way to the quaint Texas town - New Braunfels, to make a short documentary. It was a sweet little place, with lots of great bakeries, mouth watering eateries, and water sports! But that's not why we were there (although I took advantage of some baked goods!). We were there to document our ghost hunt at the Faust Hotel.

Our first night, we were graciously given a "ghost tour" by a hotel worker, who I'll let remain anonymous. He said that he gets asked about 40-50 times a day about ghosts. Mostly from people who don't even take it seriously. So, we were happy that he eventually gave in, and noticed how 'serious' we were about capturing the essence of this town, the hotel, Mr. Faust himself, the rich history, and stories from people who'd been fortunate to witness something (they believe to be) supernatural.

The second night, we had a couple of experiences we are still baffled over... I'll let you wait and watch it for yourself... but it's pretty wild (from what we can tell!). It's rare that we, as paranormal researchers, actually get to witness something we can't explain. Most of what we do revolves around gathering research, conducting interviews, and documenting whatever we can for evidence, whether it's to disprove or prove anything.

And in between our 'ghost hunts' we had a lot of fun just getting to know some locals, hotel workers, eating a ton of great food (Huisache!) and walking the streets of downtown to do a little antiquing.

We missed the full team not being able to be there, but it was a nice, romantic getaway for some q-time with my Oney (yes, that's what I call Shad). :)

Now it's chop time... for the next mo. Shad'll be editing the footage from our trip, so you can have a taste of the experience yourself... and if you don't already know, look for our team on the Travel Channel this Sept./Nov. - The Most Terrifying Places In America (series).

We'll also be doing a full feature length doc with the entire team again, sometime this fall... hopefully out for you to watch next Spring.

And we're even thinking of throwing a good ole fashion ghost party this Oct.! TBA.

I'll let you know as soon as I have something else to tell or show you! Spook ya later. :) Jentri

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