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Monday, October 18, 2010

Aether Paranormal: In pre-production & sharing our filmmaking process with you!

We're currently in pre-production to shoot our next Aether Paranormal documentary. Thought I'd share with you some insight on how we go about making these films happen. With my Paranormal Productions group we definitely go the unconventional route. We try to stay organized with weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions about what might make this movie engaging, and more captivating than the ones before, but there's an element or organic-ness that always prevails.

The dynamics and chemistry between our characters already exists, which is a bonus, but there's always spontaneity that occurs... which hopefully adds texture, rather than problems. Will either of the couples get in real arguments? Will any of our (little!) egos get in the way regarding creative differences? Probably not, but it's always a possibility!

There are three of us (producers) who are fundamental in making this process happen. While Beaux likes to work each scene and include every single camera angle, I can't seem to creatively expand, until I have the story's details solidified. Which works perfectly, since Beaux's an extreme visionary, wanting to know what everything "looks like" while he's hashing it out. Shad's extremely current with his information regarding paranormal events, and generally brilliant when it comes to all things creepy, so we try to film in a way that makes it feel that way for the audience as well - as if they're right there with us.

It takes so much work to pull a quality production together on a low-no-budget, and since we don't have funds to just go buy everything, we have to be EXTRA creative, and pull upon all our resources. What are we going to eat (there are at least 2 of us gals on set at all times that will get extremely grouchy, if hungry!)? Where are we going to get it? Where are we going to shoot first? Which scenes require which crew members? How long will/could it take (investigations are a little different - we can't 'plan' how long it will take to capture evidence!)? Are there any special props needed to demonstrate a scene? What can we anticipate messing up on us? What equipment will be needed? Are there any additional expenses, and if so, how do we collectively pay for them? The list goes on... and it's one of my jobs to ask the questions and figure it out BEFORE production. It's also my job, as a co-producer, to make sure everyone knows what they're supposed to know (location, research, etc.) so they can come prepared.

Even though we're making a documentary, which is factual, we still have to take into consideration entertainment. If it's not entertaining, no one will care, and no one will watch it. It might be ok if we were making home videos, but we're not - we're making them to share, with you - our (most paranormal/sci-fi/horror enthusiasts) audience!

We're scheduled to shoot our film next month. There's nothing more powerfully bonding (in my opinion) than making movie magic together, which is why it's so imperative to work with those you adore.

Happy movie-making!

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