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Friday, November 12, 2010

Who do you know that cares & will vouch for you?

Recently, in the past two years, I've had several people I know go through transitional phases with work, especially (Myself included). So, I thought I'd share this insight (aka wake up call I had) with you, that I just happened to be talking about with a relative of mine, who has also undergone a major adjustment with work this past year.

After working with one BIG company (all of you would know) for almost 20 years, one of my relatives was let go... I won't go into details, because those are his personal circumstances, but I will give you the over-all gist. And might I add, he was an EXCELLENT employee!!!

After several months of being unemployeed, he finally applied somewhere where he knew a person in upper-upper management. He'd worked with this management guy before at another store, and the people hiring immediately picked up on that relationship (it's who ya know, right?). Turns out, the mgr guy said, "Yes, I've worked with him before... give him whatever he wants." I'm not joking - those were his words. And that's what happened. :)

Point is - he had worked with so many people over so many years, making those good, intimate, sincere connections, that it was only enevitable that someone would try to hook him up if/when he was unemployeed.

It's more than about "who you know" - it's about "who you know that cares and will vouch for you."

Even in my case of recently needing another part-time (paying) job, it's been as easy as a dear friend saying, "I know you'll do a good job... I'll vouch for you..." Sure, that doesn't guarantee a job, but with the stacks upon stacks of resumes, that likely yours (and mine!) is in or under, it sure does make a difference.

Nurture your relationships while you're employeed, not just when you need a job, and it's likely that you will not ever be without one for very long. :)

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