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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Using memories to make movies

Youth is important to remember for lots of reasons. It can bring us joy, or allow us to reflect on circumstances we can learn and grow from, particularly as an adult. In my new short film, based on Johnny Pott and Lyn Blue from Lost In Sunshine, we'll explore youth, and significant first memories.

In 1997 we lost our home, where I grew up, to a fire. When all the pictures are gone, and the home (and all that goes with it) is ash, all one has left are memories.

Even though my memories are completely different (in every way) to the subject matter of this short film, I'm going to turn my undesirable (past) situation into fuel to ignite this event... because I understand how significant memories are.

The lighthearted drama/comedy will serve as an extension of our story, helping to expand the entire narrative.

Let the memories begin!

Love, Jentri

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