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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Movies just got more fun! Lost In Sunshine Happy Dance!

As part of our plan to keep our independent film's energy up, alive, and to manifest a 2011 shoot, we've requested pics and video of our supporters doing happy dances! We know, in order to live it, we have to feel it first. So our plan is to FEEL GOOD, as much as possible! And we also know that love/happiness/positive energy in large masses is more effective! So, please feel free to donate some love to our LIS prequel, on-going show, movie-to-be, too!

I just posted mine on, and here's the first LIS HAPPY DANCE pic, just in! Thanks, Izzy and Westin. Aunt Jentri LOVES YOU! Watch KIDDOS HAPPY DANCE VIDEO HERE.

Join in on the fun by sending your pic or video to and I'll feature you in one of our upcoming blogs. :)

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