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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indie Artists: The Skinny on Teamwork & Being Good at Doing YOU.

OK, Honey Buns... here's the sweet skinny on those who aren't good at everything... so, if you're the best at EVERYTHING with a cherry on top, this post probably isn't for you. ;)

Our indie lives often require us to wear so many weaved hats that we can't remember which one we should put on to advance our careers.

Over the past few years, I've been blessed to learn a lot about the production business, specifically through my insanely talented partner, Lorie Marsh, working on Lost In Sunshine.

Being a co-producer on a series of (Aether) paranormal documentaries, I've learned a lot about what can be done on the fly, and in the editing room.

And, because I want to inevitably shoot a BEAUTIFUL film, capture details, and solicit talent, I pay attention to what makes pictures beautiful - is it the lens? Lighting? Acting? Textures? Colors? Rareness? Rawness? Landscape? Skyline? Depth of field? The focus pull? All of the above?

But bottom line is, I'm a writer first. I think it's easy for us indie artists to feel lost when we're being pulled so many ways to make things happen. Seems we're now expected to do EVERYTHING to cut cost. Fair enough. Perhaps we even enjoy the entire process (I know I do!).

But remember this: There's wonderful people out there that aspire to be EDITORS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS, CAMERA OPERATORS, ACTORS, SOUND EXPERTS, ETC. You are not alone. You do not have to do everything (well) yourself. If you know you're weak in an area, find someone that has a firecracker of a heart, and snatch them up! They need experience, too, and will love the opportunity to advance their agendas as well!! After all, isn't filmmaking about TEAMWORK? :) I don't know a lot of one-(wo)man shows. And those guys always think they're better at everything than they really are anyhow. ;)

Be original. Be sincere. Don't spend time worrying about what you're not good at. Anyone can practice to enhance skills. BUT, Talent comes naturally, and can't be purchased. Just focus on what YOU do best, you Courageous Beast, and keep getting better.

Bottom line, being well-rounded is necessary, and appreciated by your peers. But we should be the very best version of ourselves at all times, without apologizing for it. Be GOOD at doing YOU, Sunshine!!!

With love & an open heart,

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