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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Born Good: Road to Liberation Update!

Helloooo, my GOOD friends!

Is it just me, or is everyone busier/crazier these days than normal? I was blaming it on Mercury in Retrograde for a while, but now I have no excuse!

My (paying) job and family business has left me far less time than I'd prefer to work on my film babies, but that's life - right, my sweet Banana Whoopies? We gotta pay them bills if we want to play with expensive equipment & everyone's valuable time! ;)

So here's what I've been doing, and the (Born Good) film progress I've made in the last few weeks, in addition to being crazy for no damn good reason!

1st mission: Location Scouting

Last week, I traveled to Burton/Brenham and viewed the funeral home and rest home I hope we can cheat for a hospital. My mom knows the folks around there, so she's trying to help out in that dept. (Love you, mom!) I've also been keeping my eye out for other possible locations to shoot in Kyle, TX as our "small town."

2nd: Script Consulting

Met with a good friend, filmmaker, and UT professor, Kat Candler, (jumping off bridges) last week and had my first script consultation - woo hoo! Bad part is there's lots of work to be done to ensure us a tight ass story. Good news is - I have a clue what to do, and it'll be FUN! :)

3rd: Script Homework

Part of my homework is to watch Steven's favorite comedians (our main character in BG)... it's a hard life, right?

4th: Editing

My good friend, Aether team member, & talented editor of our Aether movies, Beaux, will most likely edit this film. We're still ironing out details, but ck him out! ;) and

5th: Producing

There's a group of awesome NYFA producer (students) who are working on another one of my scripts this year, All The Good Ones. Sabrina McClendon is the ring leader, who's also coming on board to help produce Born Good remotely from NY. And can I just say - she's a kick ass producer already! Talk about forward thinking!

6th: Advising

In addition, Lorie Marsh (my LIS producer) has kindly agreed to be an advisor on this project, so if I need to run anything by her expertise - she's there! :))

7th: Lupus Organization of America

A huge part of this story was written to raise awareness of Lupus. One of my best friends, Karen, was diagnosed with this after a long, grueling battle of being 'mis diagnosed' several years back. Her symptoms have been so severe at times that she's lost all of her hair, and experienced debilitating pains. The trouble with Lupus is it's hard to determine/diagnose, because it's so different for every person who experiences it. So, I've contacted the Lupus Organization, and will be doing whatever I can to make this a benefit package!!!

8th: FOOD donations (and arguably most important!) ;)

I'm so grateful for all the emails I received back from a note I sent out about food donations for our project!! We'll be a fat and happy set! Yay!

We're on our way... Love, J

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