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Sunday, July 10, 2011

All The Good Ones - Director's Statement

Howdy, my screenwriting/indie filmmaking/artistic-in-so-many-ways, Junkies!

This year, I was honored to have a NYFA producer student by the name of Sabrina McClendon contact me about optioning and producing my feature script, All The Good Ones. Once the screenplay is produced at NYFA on paper, our plans are to really MAKE THIS FILM!!! I'm so excited, and pleased that someone else found the connection to these characters to be as powerful and engaging as I did. Like Lost In Sunshine, this story is from a female's perspective, only it's based on (some) true events. Hopefully we can put the story on screen for you one day soon, too! But for now, here's the director's statement! Enjoy, my Sweets! J

All The Good Ones was the first full screenplay I ever wrote in college. All I knew is that I had a story to tell, based on a personal relationship, and I wanted to tell it in the most honest, yet bold, kind of way, with respect to those (previously) involved. For the sake of good storytelling, I also knew that elements would have to be adjusted, embellished, and slightly manipulated, but the message was more important to me than the details.

ATGO deals with a (female) teenager's first experience with love, drugs, death, and independence, and how she chooses deal with it. We all carry around inside of us a deep desire to be wanted, understood, loved, and heard. In a way, ATGO is just about a young woman's journey to make sense of the world, and survive in the dysfunctional one she's helped create.

Story's struggle is that she doesn't understand, yet, that love simply isn't enough to make a relationship work. What Billy doesn't understand is that he's not invincible. Together, they believe they'll be OK, despite the abusive nature of their connection.

I think that everyone can relate to falling in love for the first time. Or loving someone so much, even when it's not good, and not being able to stop. This is a die hard love story about teenage firsts, loss, consequences, and a little bit of (everything) crazy in between.
– Jentri Chancey

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