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Monday, December 5, 2011

Film Courage Inteview - download, listen, share and comment!

Sooooo, a couple of weeks ago I was delighted and honored to be on my favorite indie film (online radio) show, Film Courage, with hosts, David Branin and Karen Worden. They were so inviting, respectful, and encouraging. I only hope they'll have me back again next year (hint-hint!)! J

FIlm Courage (@FilmCourage) Ep. 140 feat. Filmmaker Jentri Chancey (@Jentrification) now available to download, listen, share & comment. Jentri calls in to talk about the benefits of film school, what she does everyday to make herself a better filmmaker, her quest to make her debut feature film, why she is drawn to ‘meaning of life’ stories and her current projects Lost in Sunshine & Born Good, and her work with Aether Paranormal.


Thanks for having me on, guys! <3 Jentri

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