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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first feature to direct solo, Born Good

So I thought my first feature to direct would be Lost In Sunshine. I was wrong.

Since my first endeavor to produce LIS with Lorie Marsh in 2008, a lot has changed. All but our willingness and dedication to see LIS through to fruition.

Since then, we've both gone on to work on and produce other successful film projects, which we feel will be a greater asset to LIS, when it's ready to hatch.

Last year, I co-produced Volando Muerte, a horror docudrama with Aether Paranormal, which will be for sale at this year's Transworld in March! *Can I get a hand in the air!* Shad will be accompanying Matt Valentine in support of Matt's team, and Global Fear Enterprises. Look for 'em if you're there! Can someone say, I mean, scream #FaceOff!?

As cool as this is for us indie folks, I crave the excitement of directing a feature film solo. Perhaps it's because one of my new year's resolutions (which I don't believe in) is to fear less, and adventure more! Whatever the case, I feel I need to prove to myself and to other (future) investors that I can make this happen. And with balls on! Nothing funny.

So here we go, and off to a crazy start as expected with any indie film! So far, we have changed the shoot date (at least 3 times!), only gotten thru the first draft of my script, and lost our lead male actor (due to family matters).

I have one producer, Sabrina, in NY, one associate (satelite) producer in ATX with me, Jeff, and I'm looking for another right hand (wo)man to help me move things along. I thought we'd have 5-8 people on set, but it'll probably be more like 10 (who's counting) and we'll probably have to pull some bank out of our arses. But hey, Jentri, what'd you expect? Luxurious smelling pink roses sprinkled on you while drinking hot chocolate in a bubble bath?

Maybe. Don't judge.

Hey, at least love don't cost a thang. Thanks for nothing, JLo! You never worked on an indie project in your life.

And I never shoulda written scenes with 70-year-olds who have to act dead in a coffin. Ouch.

Ya win some, ya lose some.

The crazy thing about all the crazy, is that it doesn't matter that much. It's part of the excitement... fun.. adventure.. zest!

I've secured '36 Colors' to be our go-to place for vintage clothing, a kick ass makeup artist (actually 2), a dance instructor and studio, a church (for our funeral home), extra house to shoot at, food donations, an additional assoc producer, a caterer, sound person, ridiculously great music (can someone say #DougBurr), and script consultant, all in about a week. Oh, and I met with a possible lead male actor. Things can move really fast when you're focused on your intention(s).

Just give me some money for post and I'll be golden!!! Or give me another week. ;)

Lots of Love from above, J

Me and my lead princess, Katie!

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