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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Follow your dreams: Advice to struggling indie artists

Hello my beautiful creators!

As I begin to write this blog inspired to "pump up the volume" for us indie artists who constantly struggle in some way(s), I realize that you're probably not reading this if you're a give-up-and-go type personality.


Truth is, even the best of us indie artists can get a little discouraged if we let ourselves subscribe to the daily noisy gibberish inside our own heads. You know the kind that says, "Am I crazy? Is he right that this is a pipe dream? I ought to just focus on making money for once in my life, shouldn't I?" Yeah, we all hear those critters... and it's for understandable reason. Indie anything is hard and long work. But if you get this kinda life, you get it. You don't over-think it, you just do it. The only people that ever persevere in these (dime a dozen) fields are the ones that never give up... so this is my encouraging voice, between all the gray whispers, telling you that the only thing crazier thing than following your dreams is NOT following your dreams.

Let's think about this for a moment. Last time I checked we are all getting older, right? Sure, it's seems like a depressing lead in on an encouraging email, but it's not meant to be... if we're in our mid thirties, chances are we'll live for another thirty, right? HOPEFULLY LONGER!

It's now or never... it's never too late to start comes with a caveat. Can you breath? Are you in good spirits and physically able to do what it is you want to do?

If the answer is YES, then why should you ever stop?

I would say 75% - 95% of the fun is in the journey it takes to get to a goal. Suppose it takes you thirty years to reach your destination... well, why not spend it having fun pursing your dreams?

I'm not talking about at the expense of your family, or health. There are certain things that should be made a priority. But I'm also of the mind set hat if you really want something bad enough you'll figure out a way to make it work. You'll work while your kids are asleep, or at ball practice. You'll focus on your health first so that everything else can line up perfectly thereafter... you get my drift? Listen to and respect the rhythm of life, then move to your own beat. Just keep moving.

Don't let the (evil) voices take over and ruin the only life you know right now. Start creating your own powerful dialog, and listen to your own authentic voice and you'll get there... in your own time, to your own tune.

Happy Creating!

Love & Peace,

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