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Friday, August 31, 2012

Brewing On Up documentary

It's happening. Before one project's finished, we start another one! I don't think we can help ourselves. It's inspiration twisting our arms.

This is Chad to my right, and my hubby, Shad, to my left.

We were hanging out in Frederick, CO a couple months back enjoying a lovely Texas sized BBQ, courtesy of Chad and his sweet girlfriend, Charlene (aka Char), when the idea hit.

Chad's been a long-time brewer of many things, and he's damn skilled. I can't believe he hasn't pursued this already. My husband has been home brewing for four years and I honestly never see his face light up the same as when he has a Dogfish Head 120. You can watch some of his instructional videos here for brewing, if you're into that kinda thing!

After tasting one of Chad's marvelous concoctions, I turned to Char and said, "Don't kill me, but I can see it now... I have a(nother) show idea." Granted this was the first time we had met, it seemed as though she might have telepathic devices, and could sense my track-record for making (or lack there of) a TV show go from treatment to reality.. and I might be transparent. *Sideways smile*


My idea was warmly chuckled at, and I'm not sure anyone took me seriously, although they may have been entertaining it. That following week, a production studio head exec sent me a text message saying that if I had any more show ideas, (we have one being pitched now) being a filmmaker and all, that he was always interested in hearing the pitch.

That's it. It's fate. Exec or no exec, I'm telling this effing story!

Then there's Taylor, our new CO friend, whom we met after living here for only a couple of weeks. Taylor's drive to be a part of something special, coupled with his desire for adventure, and love for beer, made him the perfect final addition to this adventure.


Brewing On Up takes a look inside the current lives, and interesting pasts, of three 30-something creatives who decide, after a long corporate run, to go after their dreams of owning a brew pub.

Now, this brewery (below) is of our Austin, TX friends' brewery, Jester King.  While we're no where near this stage in the game, it gives us something to aspire to.

For ongoing video clips of this brewing adventure, check out the guy's official brewery website, our documentary's Facebook page and official documentary website (coming soon).

Photo by Shad Chancey:

Wanna follow our brew journey, too? Go here:

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