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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Indie Filmmaking: Emotion vs. Logic

Today, Lorie and I had a long discussion about life, film and future goals. What should we focus on making now? What are our deadlines? Goals? Those were among the top questions we asked ourselves.

Emotion and logic are two different things. I think as filmmakers, it's important for us to recognize the difference, and use both to our advantage. For instance, emotion drives us to action. It's what makes us be resourceful when others tell us it'll never happen, when we don't have enough money, or when our lead actor falls through. It rises us to action and is focused on an outcome, despite the negativity. Why? Because we're passionate, and have that explosive film gene, I guess.

Logic should not be ignored, though. If we keep repeating the same patterns that haven't yielded us advantageous results, that's no good. Sometimes we have to set our emotions aside, talk logic, then go back to emotions to make shit happen. A good combo is what I'm after these days!!

So, despite being soooo emotionally attached to LIS and all the hours-days-years of our lives we've invested, it will not be the focus of 2013, unless it's the focus of 2013. By that, I mean that if we suddenly are able to shoot in the spring of 2013, well then ok, it would be a God send. But if it doesn't happen for another year or two, we're still going to be productive and show the world that women power can produce bad ass material. One riffs off the other. :)

Lost In Sunsnine is a much larger budgeted movie. Born Good is a micro-budget (or one may say shoe-string). In other words, it's achievable without us having to be over-resourceful, if that's even possible with movie-making. We don't have to have a big budget to shoot it, and we already have a talented pool of crew/cast to consider working with.

Our goal is to shoot Born Good in 2013 no matter what. And to shoot Lost In Sunshine, no matter what. But this way of thinking is more about strategy and using our energy effectively. Consider the projects you're choosing to spend time on now. What will they need to get to picture? If your campaigns aren't successful, what's your plan B for making sure it happens?

I've been down that (doesn't happen) road before a few times now, and it's not a good feeling. Failure isn't an option, until it happens. Then what are you going to do with it?

Towel your behind off, decide why you do what you do, and then do that something some more!

xo Jentri

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