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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fucked Up People, a new web series by Jentri Chancey and Lorie Marsh

Our new web series, (2014) Fucked Up People, focuses on a less than sophisticated world of stagnated characters in a small-town that are all searching for meaning, entertainment, or fulfillment in their lives, despite their ignorance and insanity.

As the writer, I get the pleasure of imagining the craziest and most miserable real-life scenarios possible and sticking these depleting souls in them. But the better challenge is trying to pull them out of their darkness.

My personal goal has always been to hang onto hope, even when it feels hopeless, because life's not always fair or pretty, and ya gotta get by anyway. I believe that we (and these characters) can always take the unfairness of the sour lemon and squeeze out a semi- sweet tonic that will do a body good. But it takes awareness (and sometimes a little honey). Something these characters have not found, yet.

These characters are not about trying to be perfect, and I'm not about trying to put a cherry on top of a flat lime soda. But to me, there's a romantic quality in writing about people that have a certain hopelessness about them...

Despite the (possibly offensive) title, FUP is really just about people, like you and me, at one time or another. 

More details TBA soon!

xo Jentri

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