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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making Things Happen Without Money

Hello, my creative friends!

Rest assure, this isn't a post about money not being available in the universe - it's just about what we must do in the interim.

So let's talk about that plush bed of MONEY for our business! It's out there... somewhere...


One of the most frustrating things about bringing our creative projects to fruition, and that's also expressed by filmmaker friends of mine frequently, is money. When you think about it, almost everything we do involves dollar bills/resources. If it's not a direct trade of money and time, it's a deferred trade of some sort. And if we're lucky, occasionally someone will have enough money and desire to donate their contributions to your task. However, most people have to have motivation and incentive, and usually that involves $$$$.

Others will do it to help someone out that they deem inspiring. Regardless, we have to find ways to keep the creative ball bouncing - with or without money.  Find ways to keep our creative minds healthy by being pro-active, despite the heavy-hearted reality we all face from time to time when we don't have it. It's not easy making things happen without money, but it's essential to our creativity and hearts that we find a way to.

Recently, I had a heart to heart with my producer/friend, Lorie, and she got me to thinking about patience and the value of the creative process. Also recently, a very good friend of mine came into a large sum of money for her new business - (*this is when we're HAPPY for our friend without being jealous!*) this also got me to thinking about why we do what we do, and how long we're willing to do it for. A huge part of the process is one's ability to weather the storm(s). And to nurture that innate compound that resides within us and not give up - even when we don't see the point anymore. Because the beauty of life and our freedom as filmmakers weigh more to us than the point. 

So this is my encouraging coffee-talk blog for myself and for all of you out there who feel a little (or lot) discouraged from time to time and need to know that your'e not alone (or cray cray). And that's the true true (if you've watched Cloud Atlas, perhaps you'll understand this reference, if not anything else about the movie).

xoxo Jentri

"Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up." - Winston Churchill

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