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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I Know for Sure Quest Documentary

It's been a long time coming...watching clips that go back as far as 2009 roll a voice of reality and perspective through my head. Movie making of any kind is a life-long test of patience. This is particularly difficult if you're a Scorpio, like me. The process will test your patience and skills on every level. It even tests your confidence, and keeps any ego in check. What ego? :) What is here today can be gone tomorrow. What is not here here today can arrive tomorrow. It's all relative to the business. More commonly than ever, I hear about films taking 7 plus years to complete. It can be a matter of integrity, money, logistics, or resources, but it's always a matter of time. You're a product of movie making, just as the movie is a product of you - both breathing and living as one. I'm excited an honored to be able to give you this little piece of me this year in What I Know For Sure (Quest for the Cosmos). We explore a question I've contemplated all my entire life. Here's our extended trailer. Enjoy!! xo

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