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Monday, June 24, 2013

What are you doing when you're not filmmaking?

It's easy to get depressed while sitting in a cubical or behind a corporate desk job when all you want to do is daydream about a scene you want to write next, film class you want to take, or a shot you want to experiment with via some new equipment you bought last week, when you get some free time. Sure.... FREE TIME. *Laughs out Loud*

I think it's important that we remind each other that we usually all have multiple jobs, and that's OK! You'll get there. If screenwriting, and film-making were easy, everyone would be millionaires doing it. The truth of the matter is that most of the film folks I know have multiple jobs. Some have "day jobs", others have "side jobs." Whatever way you choose to look at it - we all work, but there are smarter ways to work when you're a film-maker.

When trying to mold your life into a flexible one where you can make time for (ALL) the things you love, I'd like to offer you this advice: Find a job that either has pockets of emptiness, or a job you can (eventually) do a few days a week. I've worked at a motel, waited tables, been a receptionist, makeup artist, the list goes on and on. I got my degree in RTF, only to find out I wasn't able to make money right away doing what I loved doing. So I found another love - skin care. Like waiting tables, most busy days are the weekends. But I can give up my weekends when I know I'll have Monday - Wednesday to work on my screenplays. You feel me? If you work at a motel/hotel, chances are there will be long periods of nothingness where you can write, too... or a find a receptionist job that's low key. Be a nurse where you can work four long days and make great money. Or be an independent contractor - photographer, graphic designer, freelance writer, makeup artist, etc. where you can charge more per hour and work less.

When I'm not making movies, I'm providing the world with nurturing skin care services and products in my North Boulder studio. I love helping people, had a background in freelance makeup, enjoyed making my own skin care products as a hobby in my kitchen, so this was naturally a great fit for me. I just had to look deep and listen...

What are you currently doing to make ends meet, my hardworking little Fire Ant?

xo J

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