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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Visible Noise deals with grief

I'm so overjoyed and proud of our Visible Noise footage and talent. Although we're still in the beginning stages of editing with our editor, Hutch, our rock star DP, Greg Risley has gifted us more beautiful screen grabs to awe at in the meantime. Here's one of Olivia Applegate (AKA Story) confronting the thing that killed the love of her life for the first time.

This story is about grief and how she handles it within a 24 hour period. Our main character mourns the love of her life by taking on his bad habits.

While each of our experiences vary in story, there's a common bond we share, too. We all feel pain the same. This project is my attempt to isolate one women's process, with hopes that the final message will resonate with others.

At the end of the day, any close loss hurts like hell. Behind the complexities of our painful emotions there's a basic need to understand the why and how of things, so we explore that side of life in this short film.

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