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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Two Broke Girls (kind of)

Hello, well that was a fun 2014 hiatus from my life/writing/filmmaking (NOT). Long story short, I moved back to Texas and started my life over without my (now ex) husband and three pugs. And miraculously, I met the best man I've ever known in the process, and I'm happier than I've ever been. My heart has matured, and so have my priorities. I hope that you're able to discover that through my stories from now on.

Sooooo, let's get down to business! Imagine Two Broke Girls, but girls that have been trying to make it in Hollywood the last decade together, only to find themselves finally writing a book about their non-success stories.

Lorie and I have thoughtfully decided to not use our remaining resources for a short film this year, and to focus on CONTENT. CONTENT. CONTENT.

Among our content, we'll create a novel based on the screenplay I wrote, Lost In Sunshine, as well as a book about a filmmaking duo (aka Lorie & Jentri) you've never heard of sharing their non-success stories of trying to make it in Hollywood.

AND, shhh... me and my foodie boyfriend, Alex, from Milan, (also known as HIG for Hot Italian Guy) have a road trip documentary in the pipeline, too... details TBC.

xo Jentri

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