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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How shall Lost In Sunshine stand out?

Our producer, Lorie, is always thinking of exciting new ways to get everyone involved in what we're doing, and where we're going.

Last week, she sent out an email to the Lost In Sunshine crew that was inspired by one of Ted Hope's prolific blog posts, "Ten Things to do before you submit a script."

Two of Ted's tips were:

9) Make it somehow provocative, intriguing, audacious, or thought provoking -- something that will make it stand out.

10) Make sure it is more than just a good story told well. Be truly ambitious. Take us somewhere new, or take us there in a new way.

So, Lorie asked our crew, "How shall LIS stand out?". She asked us to answer in 1-3 words (yeah, that 3 word thing didn't happen, sorry!) and then communicate how each person would like to see Lost In Sunshine be ambitious.

Among the many valuable responses, one thing that really became a topic of interesting conversation was something our art director, Ia, brought up - honesty. Or our ability to be honest. I say ability because it's a choice.

A huge part of being honest is speaking to the genuine intention of what you wish to communicate. If that's a small town, as it is with ours - then it needs to be sincere. It needs the townspeople's character, the specific landscapes, one of a kind buildings, and the moving, breathing, mysterious, space in between.

Our developer and composer, Ari, mentioned the importance of focusing on women telling a real, authentic story about WOMEN. One that men wouldn't know. :)

Our DP, Iskra, said, "Unite the cosmic with the commonplace, while indulging in a preciously stubborn, lighthearted irreverence." I couldn't have put it more beautifully myself, so I had to share her words with you.

Iskra also added, that LIS stands out because it attempts to capture: a "World in a Grain of Sand"
(her favorite William Blake quote)

I personally want to be able to dive into the authenticity of what inspired me to write about a small town to begin with. Its mystery, solidarity, and range of colors. Its ability speak to people a million different ways, and touch perfect strangers.

Lorie reminded us to be bold, and make specific choices. To remember we're small, not Hollywood, and to be as arty and unique and outside-the-box as we are inspired to be.

That inspired me. Thank you, Lorie. Thank you, Ted. Thank you, one-in-a-million crew. :)

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