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Thursday, February 25, 2010

DIY Artists

There's a reason Lost In Sunshine's not trying to be Hollywood, and I love our DIY approach more and more each day. Nothing against that system, or ANYONE doing what they do, here or there, or anywhere for that matter, but the rat race games are just not for me. Good thing everyone's not the same, right? Especially since it takes a myriad of crazy-talented bodies to bring a script to a screen.

Look, I don't mind busting ass. I don't mind hustling. But I like being able to be part of the creative side of things, too, without all the originality of what I've created, being sucked out or stripped away, trying to conform to massively generic standards. And to top it - that's usually not good enough! I'm not trying to be all rebellious or defiant. I'm just expressing that I love being in Austin making this film, and even if I had a million bucks right now, I'd prefer to stay here and make movies. And I'm excited about the way we've chosen to do it.

I hear the question all the time - "How's the movie industry in Austin?" My answer is, "It's here, but it's not Hollywood. And that's not a bad thing.."

I read a great article yesterday, thanks to our web developer/music composer, Ari, who enlightened me. A DIY music artist did an experiment and had some really great creative points about HOW DIY artists must take alternative, creative routes these days to have their voices heard. I loved his non-egotistical approach at just getting his name/work out there. And the proof was in the pudding. It really is a well-documented journey, if you have a little bit to sit and read - CLICK HERE.

It just reminded me that, us artists, really do have control over how we chose to play the game or not play it. If we go the DIY route, we have to commit to being flexible. We have to see the larger picture, be patient, ambitious, dedicated, inventive, and creative. Get rid of our egos, folks, 'cause no matter what, someone else is always doing something similar, and possibly able to do it better! SO F-ING WHAT!!! If that is your excuse for not living your best, authentic life, you're doomed.

Some ways LIS is creating new pathways is by taking advantage of all the new media outlets (i.e. twitter, youtube, facebook, myspace, blogging, film website, etc.). Using seemingly obvious next steps to deliver new material (i.e. main female character's voice in blog, twitter, myspace, and highlighting like-minded artists in newsletters, etc.) to those who like to be entertained before/after the show. ;)

We have a business plan that's both specific, yet flexible.

We have a limited theatrical tour that's built into our budget, with ideas as to how we can maximize on merchandise sales, as well as our DVDs at festivals.

We are making behind the scenes footage and still photography a priority - an integral part of what will make LIS unique and special. Not sure all the ways we'll maximize that potential,

We have a year's worth of 'journey' planned out for our lead male, Bob, on our site.

AND, we're making our movie AVAILABLE through as many channels and outlets as possible, after the festival run.

I'm sure there will be a lot more experiments, ideas, and mountains to climb...

Point is, we have to change with the times, don't let the times change us. It can feel exhausting sometimes, sure, but I'd rather have a hoarse voice, than no voice at all!

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