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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost In Sunshine status, newsletter & website

Hi LIS friends,

We've been working. A lot. In between all of our daily lives, regular work schedules, crazy work schedules, and here & there challenges, we've been finding pockets of time to create, visualize, manage, motivate, and develop a website, as well as keep the spirit of our film alive in the hearts of many who support us.

I've been working on new content that fits into the shape of our online new age approach (i.e. blogs, twitter, facebook)
while Lorie's been diligently working with Ari to produce a well-oiled machine to display our inventive, out of the box,
web-site vision for the entire life of our project.

While our designer, Shad, cranked out the new design, our developer, Ari managed to feverishly plug in all the details that make this show experience come alive.

There's a lot more that goes on 'behind the scenes' than anyone would want to hear about, but this is what we've been
pounding away at for the last several weeks... And now it's paying off. We are launching this THURSDAY! :)

Sign up for our newsletter on Thursday via our site, so you can receive our FIRST EVER NEWSLETTER this Friday. Here, you'll get a special first-look at our production status, what's new, and a surprise featured blogger/artist each month!

Our engines have now experienced take off, and we're ready to fearlessly fly... hopefully with you.

Thank you all for your support.

With love, Jentri

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