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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Magic Film Potion Recipe

The next 3 weeks will determine the next few months of our lives with respect to LIS. We will either be making Lost In Sunshine, and be thrown full force into pre-production as of April 1st (some of us already are!), and begin shooting April 19th, OR we'll be forced to regroup for a later shoot this year. But right now it's all about April. Actually, right now it's about March... March 29th, to be specific. That's our deadline for securing necessary funds.

It goes something like this:
We must secure locations in order to productively move forward with the majority of storyboarding. And storyboarding takes lots of time. But it's hard to secure locations without a solid affirmative on our shooting schedule/budget info, and it gets more complicated with everyone's other schedules coming into play.

We've recently had a crew change, sadly losing our line producer, Michelle, to other work (it happens, and we wish her well!) so the lovely and talented, Megan Gilbride, has ambitiously stepped in to assist us with line producer needs at this time. Thank you, Megan!! Like a film friend recently told me, ".. it takes the right group of people to make these projects happen..." Like a magic potion recipe - you have to get all the ingredients just right for it to work.

AND, time is of the essence.

Our casting director, Vicky Boone, is currently approaching our lead male hopeful, and we need this budget information to determine other factors to provide the agency with... which could determine if the actor is even available/willing to do it. And, we need (tentatively) secured locations in order to move forward with storyboarding in a productive manner.

Bottom line: Everything revolves around everything else. If one person drops the ball, it's like dropping it on all of our heads! And quite frankly, it hurts. Each person is equally important to the team's success.

May you all find your magic film potion recipe!

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