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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Singer-Songwriter and Friend, Larissa Ness, in New York on Thursday (and performing LIS!)!

This is me and Larissa a couple of years ago in LA, just trying to keep our dreams alive! :)

Not only is Larissa a great friend, she's a great human being, full of optimism, exuding a real zest for life. She's one of the most talented people I know, but doesn't let ego get in the way of her goals. Very admirable. She's passionate, thoughtful, and on a mission to succeed. Looks like it's working!

After her SXSW adventure, she's been getting ready to venture off to NY this week for interviews and performances. If you're in NYC, you'll definitely want to check out this class act. If you can't make it to NY, visit her site and get acquainted with her beautiful voice and rhythmic fingers.. that's right, she plays the piano, too. And well.

This Beauty, on the inside and out, took the liberty of writing the theme song (take a listen for free!) for Lost In Sunshine, before anyone else was officially on board to help me lift a finger.

Thanks for believing in me, Larissa!

Wishing Larissa great success on all of her journeys... we're proud to have her be a part of our LIS team!

Lots of Love, Jentri

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