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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yep, I'm looking at the glass half full, and here's why.

If you've read our LIS blog today, you know that we've pushed our filming of Lost In Sunshine to the fall because we're still securing funding. As heartbreaking as it is for those of us who have worked our asses off to make this a Spring shoot, I'm looking at the glass half full, and here's why.

1) Some key locations that were not solidified sooner, will have plenty of time to be (more) secured, and therefor we'll be able to storyboard them properly.

2) The script was actually written for a fall shoot (over the holiday season) so this will be a more organic fit.

3) As many of you know, distribution models change, and the old one has died. Our business plan was written over a year ago, and although it's still current with the new world mindset, it needs to be re-evaluated/updated to more accurately demonstrate our current POA.

4) We have a chance to reconsider our budget entirely. Should we go ultra low or the 2 million route, and what does that mean as a whole?

5) Some actors that I adore and wanted to consider, before (mis)learning of SAG rules and being fogged by US/foreign sales stuff, may now be able to work with us if we go ultra low (still TBD).

6) If you read Iskra's earlier entry on my blog, you know that equipment we couldn't consider in the Spring, may be a luxury we have to contemplate in the fall.

7) It gives us a chance to build/strengthen relationships with our LIS audience, expand our show, and experiment more with the 5 more months we now have to grow before production officially starts. While there are no guarantees, it certain feels like an advantage to have more true fans before we shoot.

8) Potential investors that have the script, but haven't had time to formally respond to us, now have ample time to figure out how/if they'd like to contribute to the process.

9) Our marketing/distribution team of experts will be attending more festivals this year... which means more opportunities for us to be connected with the right people who might want to aid us in our efforts - again, before we even shoot.

10) As a director, I now have the opportunity to work on more creative projects (i.e., with Paranormal Productions) before directing LIS. That (experience!) is never a bad thing!!

I'm sure I could think of more things, but these are enough to convince me, yet again, that nothing is random. Everything in life has a purpose, and will happen no sooner/later than it's supposed to. I look forward to further understanding the blessings of this hiccup next year.

Thank you, my loving crew members, who've stuck by our side, worked tirelessly to keep up the momentum of our project, and continue to serve as valuable team players on this magnificent journey. We know it's a labor of love, and one day, we hope to make you PROUD!

With love, and appreciation,


  1. Great post! I'm glad u could see the silver lining. Extra time with the reasons you've given above can never be a bad thing. Know this, there's an indie filmmaker in g-ville SC cheering for u and ur team no matter what!

    Rock on!

  2. Thanks, MJ (is it ok I call u that?)! I really appreciate the loving support. It's great to share this experience with other indie filmmakers, like yourself, who understand the importance of keeping our spirits up - always. xo

  3. I just think you're supercalifragolisticexpialidocious!

  4. I think you are (that) too!! :)