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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Filmmaking: Why he did it. Why I do it.

A friend, Misti, forwarded this article on to me today (thank you!). I was happy to learn that other filmmakers are seeing the value of being intimate with their audience and taking risks (if that's how you view it). After all, filmmaking is an intimate experience, really. Why not allow your supporters/viewers to share in that wonderful, chaotic living room space? Some people will never get the opportunity to otherwise learn or appreciate what we do in our (behind the scenes) crafts.

That is a direction we've always hoped to emulate with Lost In Sunshine - creating a wide open space, free for all to explore, interact, share, and grow with us. If we're lucky, our true fans (as Ted Hope often refers to them as) will be there in the end, supporting us on our journey to expand and eventually, yes, even profit from!

I mean, you can scream your ass off, but if no one is listening it doesn't matter, does it?

Which leads me to my next thought on why I do (and will continue to do) what I do. All the blogging, youtubing, posting pictures, videoing, participating in social (media) interaction (i.e., twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.) is a chance for me to connect with different groups that gravitate to different spaces for various reasons. Perhaps they learn through video, or rely on friends to navigate them... maybe they just like to tweet occasionally, or maybe they just want good old fashion words. Whatever it is - I want to be there. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's my job to be there - as an indie artist. Who else is going to do it for me? My assistant? (I'm laughing really hard right now).

So let's get down and dirty for a second. Let's get the grit outta the way, so we can be inspired again! 'Cause it's easy to feel yucky and unappreciated when things aren't seeming to go our way. After all, filmmaking is fucking hard work (excuse my language, but there's no other perfect word!). There's no easy way to make a film, contrary to what anyone reads about in a magazine or is told by a friend that was maybe an extra in a movie... once. You don't make films unless you're completely in love with the fabrication of them. I have yet to meet a person in the universe who makes films 'just for money.' If they do, there was a long time in the making, where they did it for love! Trust me!

But why do we love it so much? It's not fame, and it's hardly money. Sometimes it's downright exhausting. Sometimes we feel defeated and drained by everyone and everything. Maybe we can't get financing when we need it. Maybe someone with a stupid loose mouth pisses us off, and all we want to do is (however mean, but true!) stuff a burrito in their face so they'll shut up and stop distracting us from our vision. Sometimes we have 2am call times, and barely get to see our families. Sometimes we forget to eat, or our stomach's in knots over a decision someone made to do something we haven't had time to know if we agree with YET. Sometimes we are denied sleep, work for cheap, and eat cocoa pebbles to survive. Does it sound like I've done it before? :) If you're a filmmaker of any sort, YOU'VE DONE IT BEFORE, too!

So what? We get to do what we love, and that's pretty wonderful. PRICELESS. And, it's (as Shad's dad would say) stinkin' fun, too!

The next time you feel like complaining, or going in a hole somewhere and dying (there are certainly days I wanna!), ask yourself this: Would I rather be doing something else? An office job perhaps, where my legs are cold in the summertime, so I have to bring in a mini portable heater and wear skirts & heals to impress my boss? Or a sales job where the chances of making a living are equally as challenging, but a calculator's my best friend? Does it sound like I've done this before? Hey, it's for some people, I know! They're delighted (and meant) to do it- and thank goodness. 'Cause we're not one of them. Deep down, we both know the truth - we thrive on people telling us "no" because it creates a challenge. And us Indies adore a challenge! I haven't met one indie anything that isn't passionate, and hardworking when it comes to their heart's mission.

So stop complaining about how your life is sooooo bad (I see it all the time posted on FB and twitter) and just take a nap. When you wake up, ask yourself the above, wipe away any dew, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get back to work. That's what you really want to do anyhow!

Film (work) is for the soul. And being a soul survivor, you know - that to just keep going when things seem really shitty - is the only way to survive this business they call show.

Now go on, knock 'em dead!

With passion, love & hope,

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