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Monday, April 12, 2010

Creating our LIS channel - Sunny Side Up!

As part of our Lost In Sunshine show, Lorie and I have decided to create a LIS channel called, Sunny Side Up, that will be accessible on the front page of our site. Every month we will feature a different 'special someone' who will answer our question(s) that are relevant to our story's theme, and/or character(s).

Lorie describes it as, "... short interviews with folks whom our target audience "vibe" with, monthly, per a bi-monthly prompt that'll be relevant to LIS's themes. The first prompt will ask interviewees about their feelings/experiences with Destiny."

Our first video (surprise!) will be posted by Lorie on April 21st! May will be my turn to interview!

These videos will be fun, short, sweet, and interactive. Let us know what you think! And if you're brave - answer the question, too! We love to hear your thoughts.

Tune in to watch Sunny Side Up on the 21st of every month on our home page, and hear some of our favorite people answer profound questions regarding life, destiny, and what it means (to them) to be present & love.

Stick around long enough, and you'll figure out the irony that lies beneath the title of our film, too.

Thanks for reading, following, sharing and loving.

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