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Monday, May 3, 2010

Time flies

Time flies, whether we do something with it or not.

Those were the wise words I read this afternoon from a filmmaker friend of mine, Evelyn Badia, who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

It's a statement that puts me into an immediate reflective state, because there's such truth to it. There are the doers of the world, the talkers, and the complacent. Life, always at some point, catches up with you. And when it does, how will it be? How will you respond to it?

Lost In Sunshine's theme is self-discovery. All of the characters are 'lost' and looking for something else -- better than what they've got. They're so consumed with themselves, or wrapped up in finding something different, that they're forgetting to be one with the present, and appreciate what they do have. They're unaware of looking within.

So yeah, time does fly, whether we do something with it or not. I want to fly with the time. I want to be one with the present. Maybe that's why I wrote LIS. Perhaps it was an unconscious attempt at fleeing reality, only to come full circle. Perhaps it was my lesson, first.

Our stories are ones that require nurturing, attention, and love, in order to grow into something special and fly.
But the GREAT news is, we don't need wings... all we need is determination, and perhaps a little caffeine.

Be a participant, says Peeks, the neighborhood peacock.


  1. Omigod, I love Peeks! Awesome!

  2. Me, too!!!! Isn't he just amazing? :)