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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet LIS' Bob, Ross Partridge

If you missed our last newsletter with all the Lost In Sunshine updates, here's an abreviated bit from it about our new leading man, Ross Partridge.

Lead Actor Update

We couldn't be more excited!

Ross Partridge came highly recommended to us from Mark Duplass, a fellow filmmaker who has cast Ross in some of his films, most recently The Freebie (Sundance 2010) and Baghead, (Sundance 2008).

Lorie and I both loved Ross' thoughtful comments back to us on the story and the character of Bob. We had a gut reaction that Ross "gets" Bob. But, we were still evaluating the "bigger budget" or "smaller budget" decision. The vagaries of the market being what they are, Ross isn't considered a sale-able "element," YET, by studios/distributors. So, if we pursued going bigger, we felt we couldn't act on our recurrent gut feeling that he was the actor for Bob.

After a long phone chat with Ross late last week, we knew our choice was clinched. When there's such a flow, you gotta follow that current, you know? It seemed like another signal confirming our decision to stay under $1M with LIS.

Now that we have our "Bob," we'll be focusing on casting our "Lyn," and we'd love your ideas! Check out this link here to scroll down and read the first five pages of Lost in Sunshine's script. If the script pages, or seeing Ross' photo, give you ideas about actresses, drop us a line at lorie at lostinsunshine dot com or jentri at lostinsunshine dot com!

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