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Monday, July 19, 2010

Breath, Eat, Sleep, Work, Wait

OK... so I'm not a good 'waiter.' :)

A lot of this business is work, work, work, *breathe* then work, work, work *eat,* then work, work, work, *sleep*. Downtime is supposed to be fun, when you catch up on things around the house, and let loose, right? I'd be lying if I said it totally wasn't. I love having time to watch movies with friends, catch up on their lives, and talk to people that don't know what a gaffer is (I'm the smart one!). It's refreshing.

But it doesn't take long before my legs compound nervous energy, and I'm ready to rock the breathe, eat, sleep out again. There's something deeply twisted about it all, really. :)

I mean, it's not like we don't have 50 million things we're currently working on... no really, I'm sure it's close...

But right now, we're waiting on paperwork, which will finalize our new executive producer on board LIS, woo hoo! Also waiting on a 'letter of intent' back from an actor. Also waiting on a secretary to get back from vacation so that we can move forward with approaching a heavy duty producer with a reputable production co., who may be interested in our project on some level.

Wish there was something more sexy or mysterious about this process, but it is what it is. Just a big ole spoon full of wait in your coffee. And if you put sugar in it... forget about it. You'll be a terrible waiter.

So, I'm trying to fill my mind and time with things both fun and productive. Making a new short that involves friends, just for fun. Working on a lot of side projects, which actually do bring in some $ occasionally, and watching a lot of movies with my hubby and friends! After all, it'd be a tragedy to make movies but never have the luxury of enjoying them.

So take time, and enjoy the wait!

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