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Monday, July 12, 2010

Less Than Three

My latest Bobism post, Love In Numbers, on was inspired by a true story I read titled, Less Than Three. Immediately, it intrigued me. What's that all about?

As most of my friends know, I also belong to a production company, which produces paranormal-related documentaries with our team in Austin, TX. We've released four feature length ones, and a couple of shorts, which all stream live (and free!) on our Aether site in high quality. We've recently had a little hold up, since we're collectively working on a BIG project that could really put things over the top for us. A location most would die for. Seeing how we don't have our own TV show, and aren't famous, things take a little more time to solidify (sometimes). :) But we are confident we'll get there. It just might not be until this fall. So we'll shoot a couple of short films in the meantime (i.e. stay tuned for me and Shad's adventure to Haunted Faust Hotel in New Braunfels, TX!). If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with us, join us on FB.

And of course, I hope to be shooting LIS with my fabulous Sunshine team this fall, too. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Yes, that's part of the biz. While I'm waiting, I'm not really waiting though. I'm constantly searching the world for things/ways that inspire me to make myself and projects better. Inspiration can't be grabbed a hold of, or purchased... it must be felt. So, when something inspires me, I really like to bathe in it for a while.

The blog post, Less Than Three, written by our friend, Brian, about a funny moment he shared with his lovely wife, Anna Marie, (with Ghostology - in the paranormal entertainment industry) really made me smile, and inspired me to write the current blog entry for Bob about love.

Some people believe that, 'all you need is love' while others are far more practical about this emotion. Regardless of your viewpoint, most of us have felt its power. It can be fun, silly, profound, and inspiring in moments we least expect it.

Bob's (LIS' lead male protagonist) a man of promise and wonder. He's constantly looking for the next way to be inspired, too. So, it's no wonder that he found this sweet story about an expression of love to be both enlightening, and touching.

Inspiration comes in the most surprising looking packages. Don't be afraid to open different ones up.

less than three,


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