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Friday, August 13, 2010

What I Know For Sure (documentary) and how you can support it!

Vlog: How I came up with the idea for this film.

One hundred people are invited to answer the same question, not knowing what it will be in advance. A collection of colorful, everyday people, including a few familiar faces, (i.e. an astronaut who’s worked on the hubble!) candidly attempt to answer one of the hardest, most controversial, and profound questions of all time – in one minute. And some of them, surprisingly discover a little more about themselves along the way…



Hi there,

I’ve already asked over twenty people the same question, and to my delight, I’ve laughed a lot, almost cried a couple of times, and been seriously inspired in the process. Each person offers a genuinely heartfelt perspective, regardless of how frank, harsh, or passionate. While some answers may feel recycled, others are humorous, engaging, and enlightening. The beauty and power of this film’s message(s) comes from the honesty of those who tell it, and their diversity. Ya see, those people are just like you and I, each sharing, however different our cultures may be, a similar experience because of our location – on Earth.

What I also appreciate about this topic is that there’s no right or wrong answer – no forced messages – only raw emotion from a select number of people that are generous enough to share their thoughts with the rest of us (out there wondering).

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this project. Any donations, however big or small, are greatly valued and accepted with extreme gratitude.

Your contribution enables me to keep doing this stuff that I love so much, and most importantly, share it with you. And c’mon, don’t ya want to know the question? :)

To support this film, donate here, and receive your special perk(s)! Just click on "fund this project" on the right hand side. THANK YOU!

With love & respect,

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