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Friday, September 10, 2010

Did you miss The Shadow Hour show?

If you missed my interview on The Shadow Hour this past Wed., you can catch it HERE.

We talked about indie filmmaking, my new documentary, Lost In Sunshine, and Aether Paranormal!

Chris Walden was the perfect host. Thanks, Chris!

Word is, Aether Paranormal will be on Ghostology's kick ass (paranormal entertainment) show soon, too... will keep ya posted! ;)

And, thank you again to all of my indiegogo supporters for What I Know For Sure. Chris Savino, Sherry Vargas, Chris Walden and Paula D'Etcheverry - it's people like you that allow us indie artists to produce heartfelt material without the restricitions/permission of a HW studio dictating our every move. Love and respect to you ALL!

xo Jentri

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