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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reflecting on Lost In Sunshine's journey and ability to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

Lost In Sunshine has experienced many changes throughout the past two years, but we're as strong as ever, continuing to saddle up each day and come to work! It's a constant stream of whatever you think you know, assuring you that you have no idea what's (really) next!

Last year, we had to regroup for a later shoot date (still TBD). As a writer, regrouping meant re-evaluating the steps of the characters, and (re)visiting their everyday lives to figure out what they might be doing all this (extra) time. Extra time is kind of relative, since they’re not on a particular schedule, except for the one that occupies my mind. But it was the only one I had, so consequently, it was the only one that mattered.

Not only did it matter to the characters, it also mattered to a team of passionate, devoted crew members. Would they be available at a later date? What about our verbally attached actor(s)? It would have broken my heart if they weren’t. Especially my devoted art director, Ia and (DP) visionary stylist, Iskra, helping me move my vision along cinematically (i.e. storyboarding, locations). Luckily, we are hell-bent on working together, so we will make it happen!

These changes, however big or small, affect the entire group of people that are involved. Whether it’s wardrobe (long sleeves vs. short) or props (marijuana looking plants that will be looking really BIG & suspicious at our art director’s house this fall) or locations that'll no longer be available, it all must be (re)considered.

For some, it just meant mentally acknowledging it. For others, myself included, it meant that we’d lost other paying gigs for the year. And that isn’t something Lorie and I take lightly.

But, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a matter of improvising, adapting, and overcoming, like the military. If there’s one thing that’s for sure in this universe, it's that uncertainty lives in the film district(s).

Sometimes it feels like it lives on my street!

With love & hope,

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