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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lost In Sunshine: Transmedia Talk & LIS Q&A via producer, Lorie Marsh

Hey Sunshines!

If you're interested in what transmedia is and what it means in relation to our indie film, Lost In Sunshine, you have to listen to this interview! It's FABULOUS (not just saying that because she's our producer, promise!)!

In addition, Lorie also explains how she got started in the biz & how Lost In Sunshine came to be what it is now!

Ever wonder:

How did Lorie and Jentri meet?

How did Lorie become the producer of Lost In Sunshine?

How do the transmedia components connect to a revenue model that benefits LIS?

What's LIS's target demographic and what are the challenges of reaching out to them directly?

What's the business model for LIS, and how does it differ from others?

How do you sustain the momentum of the whole process, especially since it's taking longer than initially anticipated?

What's the point/idea/intention of creating version 2 of the (LIS) website?

In terms of longevity, how else can LIS use the written (i.e., blog, prequel) material and maintain its integrity?

How does the LIS differ from other traditional movie websites? Why is it this way?

How long will you continue to create/act upon this (online prequel) narrative world?

What are your thoughts on future distributor possibilities in relation to what you're creating/producing re: advertising,
marketing, content, etc., now?

What are your thoughts for syndicating various types of content re: LIS later (i.e., amazon, kindle, etc.)?

What's LIS's connection/marketing relationship to spiritual cinema? How are you demonstrating that?

What are your thoughts on pre-sales/foreign markets for LIS?

How is LIS expanding its narrative?

What are additional rewards for LIS' audience participation on the website, beyond entertainment?

When did you discover transmedia and what projects inspired you to do this with LIS?

What is LIS doing to drive their own boat, that others aren't doing with comedy-dramas?

What are things that you've noticed on different channels (i.e., FB, twitter, blogs) that you've been able to identify
and change/tweak so that they're working more effectively for LIS as a whole?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, LISTEN HERE!

In addition, if you're an indie producer, you'll want to book mark Lorie's blog! Very helpful!

Forward Marsh is an entertainment and consulting company.

When/If you listen to it, please let us know if you have any OTHER questions! We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for caring & sharing... Happy Listening! xo Jentri


  1. Oh my Heavens, what a GREAT recap outline of the podcast! You ROCK, lady!

  2. My pleasure, Lorie! It was one of the more informative interviews I've heard in a while! THANK YOU for giving us ALL that! :) J

  3. ps. thanks for the Aether Paranormal mention, too!